Self-Realization - here and now!

"A playful, easy-going, modern set of pointers to encourage both the enthusiastic seeker and layperson on the age-old reality of self-realization"

Among those of us interested in the subject, genuine realization of who or what we really are is widely touted as a kind of, if not the, ultimate goal. It is undeniably a personal experience as to how you get there, of course.

For no other reason than simply wishing to help our fellow beings tap into the enjoyment of that ultimate liberating realization we offer our encouragement. Genuine self-realization is accessible to all, it needn’t cost you anything financially, it does not require any particular courses or credentials, you don't need to be a member of any specially defined group and it needn't even take any length of time either.

The only requirement is to make an adjustment: to stop identifying firstly and foremostly with the limiting physical attributes you conventionally equate with being you and switch to identifying with the real you, or whatever label you wish to put on that which is and pervades all.

If you have difficulty in doing that there are many commentators and references both in the present day and dotted throughout the past that can help to point you in the right direction. Some may be better than others in general. Some may be better for you in particular for, after all, it is very much a personal experience.

We can also offer our own downloadable collection of pointers that just might help to make the difference.

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