Knowing God Meditation
Who Is God? Who Are You? Enlightening Cosmic Energy?


knowing god

A Habit Busting, Enlightening, LifeQuality Boosting and Super Relaxing Actual Reality Power Session™ for EveryOne...
...based on The MindBlower™ By Mr. W

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God... Who is God ?... Is God An Old Man With A White Beard sitting on a cloud in his long white robe bossing around with you down here on planet earth as pictured by Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and a whole bunch of the old masters ? ... and You, Who Are You when it really comes down to it ?... are you nothing more than a fragile body with a stressy mind running around frantically searching for real happiness ? Find the answer to one of the two questions and you will find the answer to the other ! Start with asking YourSelf 'Who am I'... Really ? 'Who is saying my body and my mind' ? By closer examination of your own Fantastic True Nature via MindBlowing Self Realization - The Real Thing - it turns out that YOU - Your Own True Being - YOU As You Really Really Really Are - The Real You™ - Surprise Surprise Is Nothing More and Nothing Less Than That Very Same Continuously Creating, Upholding And Destroying Cosmic Energy That Some People Call God... The Very Same Unlimited Cosmic Energy That Is Beyond As Well As In Everything, Including Your Body And Mind... The Very Same Cosmic Energy That On Top Of It All Is Aware Of Every Little Thing Going On In The Whole Freakin' Universe ! You're Awesome... You're So Fantastic You Won't Believe It ! Go for Life Quality Boosting Realization of Your Own and God's Awesome Actual Reality By The MindBlowing Auto Magic Of God And You™ And The MindBlower™!

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Welcome to a Habit Busting, SuperRelaxing And Power Boosting InterActive Actual Reality Session™ For EveryOne ! Make YourSelf comfortable, close your eyes and let the Auto Magic of Mr. W's MindBlowing Smart Session™ show off Your Own and God's Awesome Actual Reality, Power Boost your Body & Mind and kick off your Grand Creative Potentials ! Relax, IN-JOY YourSelf and experience the delightful Boost of your entire Body & Mind with Fun Power directly from the PowerHouse of your own Unlimited Self... and when your Guided Life Quality Boosting Actual Reality Session™ is over you simply go right on having Great New Fun With Your Daily Life !

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