Yes- ‘IN-JOY Productions’ proudly present Instant SelfRealization™ Master Guide Flemming W. Flemming and his Outstanding InterActive ‘SelfRealization Tools’… namely the exceptional uncompromising E-Booklet The MindBlower™ with the subtitle - ‘You’re Awesome… You’re So Fantastic You Won’t Believe It’, the Substantial, and in the field of Real SelfRealization Significant, InterActive E-Book How To IN-JOooy YourSelf™ with the subtitle - ‘The ActualReality TourGuide’, the Line Up Of Downloadable Guided MP3’s Based On The MindBlower™ plus the unique Guided and UnGuided MP3 Music Meditations with environmental natural sound effects !

Mr. W graduated from a leading Art School back in the day, and worked for some years as a busy and creative Art Director, before roaming the Himalayas and a veritable Fireworks Of MindBlowing And Enlightening Xperiences Of His Own As Well As Mankind’s Awesome True Nature gave his whole life a completely new direction.

Mr. W started up a school whose slogan was ‘Know Your Body, Know Your Mind… And Know YourSelf’ offering therapy for Body&Mind as well as his MindBlowing Specialty - Instant SelfRealization™ for EveryOne. ‘The School’ expanded through the years with quite a few branches, run by teachers who all went through The School’s Teacher-Trainee Program. On top of it all the Group Of Teachers were running a busy Green Restaurant in the Big City and a lovely Retreat Place by the Seaside, which at the same time functioned as The School’s Headquarters and Home for Mr. W as well as the regular Teachers and Staff Members.

Years ago Mr. W published his first book ‘Freedom Unlimited™’, but though the book sold well in Selected Bookshops and The School’s Branches, he felt that he had to come up with A Line Up Of Genuinely Broad MultiMedia Products About Man's Awesome ActualReality in an easy-to-understand-down-to-earth-everyday-language some fine day.

However - as Founder and Director of the expanding ‘School’ Mr.W found himself fully occupied by the daily teaching of the growing number of Teacher Trainees, meetings with the Board Of Directors and negotiations with Lawyers, Bankers and Government Officials. As a matter of fact he was all too busy with all too many things that had nothing or little to do with his MindBlowing Specialty and decided, after firm consideration and many years on the job, to let go of the whole thing to work full time on the MultiMedia Project. So... after encouraging the Graduated Teachers to start up and/or persevere on their own, The School’s Assets were transferred to ‘The IN-JOY Foundation’ - ActualReality International - founded with the purpose of keeping up the good work Spreading The Uplifting and Life Quality Boosting Facts About Man’s Awesome True Nature WorldWide via media communication, and Mr. W has now, after settling down in CyberSpace, finally finished what turned out as an outstanding collection of InterActive MultiMedia Products with an enlightening difference… Check out ‘The Catalog’ - InterActive SelfRealization Tools™ !

The MindBlower™ is The Unique InterActive Tour Guide To The IN-JOooYful Youniverse Of Your Own Actual Reality – a MindBlowing ‘How To’ product introducing a simple but extremely powerful ‘Non-Technique Technique’ for Self-Discovery and Self-Realization. As a matter of fact The MindBlower™- as well as all the other InterActive SelfRealization Tools™ from The Catalog™- offer nothing more and nothing less than AutoMagic ‘Instant Self-Realization™’ For EveryOne Who Dares To Let Go Of Fixed Ideas And Limiting Old Habits !

Using his experience from over thirty years of offering ‘Help to SelfHelp’ for people genuinely interested in how to TroubleShoot, UpGrade and Power Boost their lives through MindBlowing Instant SelfRealization™ Mr. W has deliberately chosen An Up To Date, Down To Earth, Easy Going Everyday Language Free Of Any Kind Of "Isms" And With A Good Dash Of Humor To Encourage A Greater Public To Boldly Go For Nothing Less Than A MindBlowing, Enlightening and LifeQuality Boosting Instant FreeBe™ - right Here&Now !

Because… For all too long people using and producing Self-Help Books and Products have troubled themselves with The Misunderstood Idea That Genuine SelfRealization Was Only For A Chosen Few, and that it required very hard work for a long long time. The time is right for an ActualReality Kick - the time is right for The MindBlower ™ and Mr. W’s other Enlightening SelfRealization Tools™ All Introducing, Presenting And Explaining The MindBlowing AutoMagic Of The One & Only ‘Non-Technique Technique’ Of Easy Going Fun&LifeQuality Boosting Instant SelfRealization™ For Everyone !


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